A history of success

For nearly 40 years, Option Care has been shaping the home infusion services industry with leadership, responsive innovation, and integrated partnerships.

1979 - 1988 Pioneering

Before home or alternate site infusion therapy became a healthcare option, patients needing intravenous care for nutrition or therapies for other acute or chronic conditions required hospital care. To be treated, patients had to undergo long infusion sessions at the hospital on a weekly or even daily basis. This practice was highly expensive, impacted patients’ quality of life, and was an impersonal way to administer care. In 1979, two pioneering pharmacists saw an opportunity to make a difference. It all began with the intent to change a single patient’s life.

Two California pharmacists, Mitchell Hoggard and Michael Prime, solve a need: customized healthcare service that delivers parenteral nutrition infusion for a single car accident patient.
Hoggard and Prime form a company called CliniCare. The company expands, adding more infusion nurses and pharmacists.
CliniCare changes its name to O.P.T.I.O.N Care, an acronym that better describes its specialization – Outpatient Parenteral Therapy and Intravenous Ongoing Nutrition Care.
Option Care opens 6 new franchises and joins forces with Sutter Community Hospital in Sacramento, expanding its clinical expertise.
Option Care hires 2 full-time salespeople and begins advertising in national pharmaceutical and nursing magazines, resulting in 20 new franchises.
1989 - 2002 Growing

Option Care grows to a nearly national footprint with franchise operations in 42 states. The new decade brings changes to the United States healthcare industry and Option Care. Market forces have a strong impact with new competition, extended health insurance markets, and the shift of health cost controls. Option Care emerges as a public company with diverse capabilities to meet these new challenges.

Option Care hires 150 employees and grows to a near-national level with 215 franchises in 42 states.
After a series of managerial changes, Option Care goes public in April. Founder Michael Prime remains a central figure.
Competition shifts the market. Option Care buys Management by Information Inc and expands contracting with HMOs and self-insured companies.
Option Care launches a specialty pharmacy and distribution subsidiary to provide biotech injectable drugs and pharmacy consulting services directly to physicians and patients.
Paul Mastrapa joins Option Care as Chief Financial Officer. The federal government introduces the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), which now includes infusion care.
2003 - 2014 Partnering

Becoming one of the largest providers of home infusion services by 2003, Option Care receives a key accreditation partner, further elevating its offerings to patients, physicians, and payers. Later, Option Care becomes part of The Walgreens Company®, one of the country’s largest pharmacies, further expanding its offerings, market standing, and United States footprint.

Option Care becomes the country’s largest home infusion company, with 50 corporate and 55 franchise locations. Option Care is accredited by and partners with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), one of 3 nationwide healthcare accreditation organizations.
One of the nations largest pharmacy chains, The Walgreens Company, acquires Option Care through its subsidiary, Walgreens Infusion Services, Inc. CFO Paul Mastrapa serves as Option Care’s president.
RX Solutions is acquired by Walgreens Infusion Services, Inc., expanding our footprint and adding deep clinical expertise in immunoglobulin (IG) therapies.
Walgreens Infusion Services, Inc. acquires the home infusion business Crescent Healthcare, expanding our national reach and expertise.
2015 - forward Leading

Newly independent, Option Care returns to its roots under the original Option Care brand name. Led by John Rademacher, Option Care singularly focuses on its core business and accelerates its investment and efforts to reshape the future of the home infusion services it once pioneered. In a sign of things to come, Option Care delivers industry-first innovations and technologies.

Walgreens Home Infusion Services becomes the new Option Care.
Option Care moves corporate operations to new headquarters near Chicago, IL.
Option Care’s Board of Directors appoints John C. Rademacher as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)