Getting started with home infusion

When your doctor or healthcare provider refers you to Option Care for home infusion therapy, members of your dedicated team will contact you to start the intake process. This process includes verifying insurance coverage and conducting an initial assessment.

What to expect

Your doctor or healthcare provider will refer you to Option Care to receive home infusion therapy. Like other prescriptions, your insurance coverage will need to be verified. Fortunately, you have an experienced team of professional reimbursement specialists ready to work for you. Option Care is contracted with more than 800 health plans, including commercial, employer, and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Our specialists will work with you to help you find available financial assistance for charges that may not be covered.

Be prepared:

  • Have your basic information ready, including home address, date of birth, and insurance card.
  • Have your doctor’s prescription information ready, including details about your medical history and any instructions from your doctor’s office.

An Option Care customer service representative will contact you to review your insurance coverage and confirm your information. They will explain the insurance authorization process and then contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and obtain insurance authorization for your treatment. This step is critical to receiving treatment, and it can take time.

Once insurance authorization has been obtained, our customer service representative will review your insurance benefits with you and discuss any copays that may be your responsibility. Option Care will bill your insuranc

Before your first home infusion

While your insurance is being verified, an Option Care pharmacist will also contact you to conduct an initial assessment. Your pharmacist will ask you about your current and past medical history and ask questions about scheduling of care, delivery of medication and supplies, home environment, and any other special needs you may have.

Once insurance authorization has been obtained, your infusion pharmacist will help your doctor select and obtain your infusion medicine and supplies, and your dedicated infusion nurse will schedule your first home visit to deliver your medication and supplies.

What your infusion nurse will do

Our infusion nurses are highly skilled in treating a variety of conditions. At your first home visit, your infusion nurse will:

  • Help you understand the basics of home infusion therapy
  • Provide and review with you medicines and supplies for home infusion
  • Educate you about how to properly store, handle, and administer your medicines
  • Monitor and manage your infusion to ensure your safety
  • Teach you about potential side effects and how to avoid or address them
  • Assess your environment and ask questions about your status to monitor your progress