In the comfort of home

Option Care is the home of extending the reach of your care.

Option Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of home infusion. For nearly 40 years, Option Care has provided high-quality healthcare services for adult and pediatric patients. Our staff of more than 1,800 clinicians are able to provide home infusion service coverage for nearly all patients with acute and chronic conditions across the United States.1

Home Infusion Plus

Option Care specializes in providing home infusion services to treat a broad range of complex and acute conditions. Our services include the clinical management of infusion medicines, nursing support, and care coordination.

Industry-leading clinical outcomes

Healthcare providers trust Option Care because our customized care plans optimize patient outcomes and result in high patient satisfaction.

*Percentage of successful infusion encounters without any type of unplanned event relative to total number of infusion therapies.
†Incidents were defined as unplanned hospital admission, delayed or missed dose, equipment/product failure, adverse drug reactions, and paperwork issues.

Rapid response on referral status

Because your time is valuable, Option Care responds within 2 hours to confirm benefits and referral requests.‡

To get started, call 1-866-827-8203.

‡ Average time from the receipt of all necessary documentation.

Extending the healthcare provider’s reach

Option Care delivers the high-quality, personal care that patients deserve and expect.

What patients can expect

Your seamless partner

Option Care provides seamless clinical and administrative support, managing everything from intake through therapy completion or maintenance.

Continuity of care

Covered around the clock

Option Care provides 24/7 access to specially trained infusion nurses and pharmacists who can answer questions whenever you or your patients have them.

24/7 safety and support


1. Option Care coverage area data. STI: PopStats, Austin,TX. Calculated 04/28/14. 2. Review of Option Care patient data, October 2009-February 2011. Based on an average 39,978 patients per month. 3. September 2013-August 2014 patient satisfaction data. Survey of 1,649 patients.