Quality care outcomes

Our commitment to delivering quality home healthcare translates into better outcomes and reduced costs for you and your patients. We offer comprehensive services that align with specific healthcare provider needs and have demonstrated success in improving outcomes across a broad range of therapies.

Our Home Infusion Plus services help patients reach treatment goals

  • 99.9% clinician-­reported patient adherence rate1
  • >99% rate free of unplanned hospital readmissions1
  • >99% rate free of infusion-related adverse drug reactions2
  • 99.97% rate free of bloodstream infections1

Avoiding hospitalization saves about
$2,000 per day3,4

PartnerPoint Clinical Management® helps improve outcomes from the start of therapy5

PartnerPoint is a patient-reported outcomes measure (PROM) administered to immunoglobulin (IG) patients during intake and at each home visit that reliably evaluates patient status. This best-practice IG patient management program helps optimize therapeutic regimens and patient outcomes by increasing communication across all members of a patient’s care team and providing more critical intervention opportunities. Option Care makes clinical management data reportable and accessible to prescribing physicians, thereby increasing their ability to manage adverse drug reactions, monitor patient quality of life, optimize dosing, and demonstrate response to therapy. PartnerPoint powers disease-specific outcomes data for more than 10 IG conditions, including chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN), and primary immunodeficiency disease (PID).

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