Exceptional home infusion care

What separates Option Care from other infusion companies is our commitment to our mission and vision for the future of home infusion services. We employ more than 1,800 clinicians who deliver high-quality care to more than 170,000 patients every year. We have built our services around the compassionate and convenient care that our patients expect, the seamless transition and proven results that physicians require, and the expertise and cost-saving approach to excellence that our healthcare system partners demand.

Making a positive difference

Option Care mission statement

Option Care delivers high-quality, cost-effective home infusion services through trusted partnerships across the healthcare system, resulting in outcomes that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The values we embody

Quality results – Our team members are guided by a strong commitment to quality results. In order to provide the highest standard of care, our employees are empowered to take the actions that deliver exceptional results. A culture of “no compromises” guides our responsibilities to our patients, as well as our commitments to quality and compliance.

Compassionate care – We demonstrate a strong sense of service to our patients, colleagues, and partners in care. We do this with both respect and dignity, but compassion, in its many forms, is the underlying element—listening to and understanding needs, communicating candidly, building trust, and valuing contributions.

Engaged teams – We foster contribution. Every employee is encouraged to use their strengths to propel themselves and their teams, and to help others grow and learn. We know what is expected and necessary to deliver results across the company.