Home Infusion Plus

Option Care is the home of comprehensive infusion services across a broad range of therapies.

Option Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of home infusion therapy. Our signature Home Infusion Plus therapeutic services extend the healthcare provider’s reach. We support a broad range of therapies—including infusion and injectable medications—to treat complex and acute conditions in the comfort of each patient’s home, as well as at alternate treatment sites.

Highly customized, high-quality home infusion therapy

Our customized care plans and care teams are built around the individual needs of patients and their physicians. Option Care assigns every patient an experienced, dedicated care team comprised of clinicians and coordination specialists.

Time-saving Intake Coordination

Our intake specialists coordinate insurance verification as each patient’s dedicated team and care plan are established.

Long-term Support and Education

Long-term relationships with infusion nurses ensure that each patient’s care and educational needs are completely met.

Individualized Care Plans

Our clinicians help healthcare providers develop a personalized care plan for each patient based on disease and therapeutic goals.

Clinical Monitoring and Reporting

Our clinicians continuously monitor patients and keep healthcare providers informed with comprehensive reports.

Home Infusion Plus therapeutic services


Home Infusion Plus

Experienced care designed to combat serious infections

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nutrition support therapy

Nutrition Support

Home Infusion Plus

High-­quality enteral and parenteral nutrition support at home

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Heart Failure

Home Infusion Plus

Specialized care for patients with stage D heart failure

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Home Infusion Plus

Comprehensive home infusion for patients with immunodeficiency or autoimmune disorders

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Bleeding Disorders

Home Infusion Plus

Customized care for patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand disease

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Specialized Therapies

Home Infusion Plus

Individualized treatment protocols tailored to emerging therapeutics

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Our highly skilled infusion nurses improve the lives of the patients and families they serve every day.”

-Joan Couden, Vice President, Nursing

Rapid response on referrals

Option Care provides time-saving intake assessments and helps secure insurance authorizations and reimbursements.

To start a referral, call 1-866-827-8203 from 9 am to 8 pm CST.

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Option Care provides 24/7 access to specially-trained nurses and pharmacists.

Unmatched clinical expertise and nationwide reach in home infusion

Option Care provides home infusion service coverage to nearly all acute and chronic care patients across the United States.1 Home Infusion Plus services are supported by Option Care infusion pharmacies and alternate treatment sites nationwide. Across our therapeutic specialties, Option Care provides regional and local Centers of Excellence where our experienced clinical leadership teams guide exceptionally high standards of care.

1. Option Care coverage area data. STI: PopStats, Austin, TX. Calculated 04/28/14.