Bleeding Disorders

Home Infusion Plus

As a leading provider of home infusion therapy for hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, Option Care streamlines the administrative burdens associated with infusion therapies for bleeding disorders. We work with medical specialists across the country to offer access to all approved factor products, a full range of therapies, and dedicated support services.

Option Care nurses make a big difference

Our nurses’ exceptional expertise and dedication significantly reduce hemophilia-related costs, including hospital stays, emergency room visits, and factor usage. During every patient visit, our nurses give patients a full health assessment and monitor their factor and supply inventory and usage.

* Based on an analysis of a national payer’s claims database for patients with hemophilia; outcomes with Option Care (May 2010 through September 2012) versus outcomes before Option Care was chosen as the preferred provider of hemophilia factor (prior to May 2010). † Average for the 6 months ending June 2014.

Option Care ensures patients get the continuous care they need for all bleeding disorders

Time-saving intake coordination
Starting patients on bleeding disorder treatment therapy is a one-­call, one-­step process with Option Care. When calling to refer a patient, prescribers are connected directly to a live hemophilia treatment center (HTC)-­ experienced clinician who will coordinate the specialty care that patients need. Our insurance and reimbursement specialists have extensive experience with private insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, and can help manage patients’ claims, extend insurance benefits, protect lifetime maximums, and coordinate insurance transition. We handle the paperwork at the start of care and work with insurers to secure maximum coverage for your patients’ therapy.

Individualized care plans
Option Care provides personalized medical care that is anchored by a dedicated BD-­certified nurse and pharmacist. Every patient receives a disease-­specific, customized care plan that is focused solely on meeting the needs of the patient and his or her care team. Option Care works with medical specialists nationwide to offer access to nearly all approved factor products (including many limited distribution products like Coagadex and Corifact), a full range of therapies, and dedicated support services. We are uniquely qualified to provide continuous infusion services through local infusion pharmacies.

Clinical monitoring and reporting
Detailed reports are available to keep physicians and healthcare providers informed of a patient’s status between HTC and office visits. Physicians and healthcare providers can customize the details and frequency of status reports, keeping track of metrics from location and severity of bleeding to treatment outcomes and adherence.

Long-term support and education
Option Care is built on long-term nursing relationships, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive personalized care. With a dedicated inhibitor management team, bleeding disorder treatment patients benefit from additional social worker support with access to product support programs and a 24/7 bilingual support line. We provide intensive, up-to-twice-daily nursing to support adherence and physical therapy consultation. We also offer support programs for parents, school-age children, teenagers transitioning towards independence, and adults.

Coagadex® is a registered trademark of Bio Products Laboratory, Ltd.
Corifact® is a registered trademark of CSL Behring GmbH.

We have a unique national clinical team in that each individual has worked at an HTC. I am proud to say that each of our clinicians has spent an extensive amount of time providing care to this population. We see ourselves as an extension of the HTC and provider.”

Kirstin Schmidt, BD National Clinical Director

More information on bleeding disorder therapy

Infusion therapy for bleeding disorders works by administering medications directly into the body through a blood vessel, under the skin, or into a muscle. Option Care’s BD home infusion therapies include home therapy, continuous infusion therapy, and pre-­ and post-­surgery services.

Home therapy
Home infusion for bleeding disorders is a standard of care. Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease are 2 common bleeding disorders treated by home infusion therapy. We adhere to Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) guidelines for product availability and emergency responsiveness, and backup stock is kept in the pharmacy location nearest to the patient.

Continuous infusion therapy
Option Care is one of few providers to offer continuous infusion. Continuous infusion can help patients avoid breakthrough bleeding and post-­operative pain. We work collaboratively with each patient’s care team to provide continuous infusion therapy and proactive clinical care before, during, and after surgery.

Pre- and post-surgery services
Option Care provides a wide range of services for patients facing surgery, including pre-­surgery dosing and lab coordination, continuous infusion and/or surgery dosing protocols, inpatient and outpatient continuous infusion administration via small ambulatory infusion pump, and post-­surgery coordination (home care, lab work, and physical therapy). Our bleeding disorder team has experienced bleeding disorder physical therapists available to consult with local hospitals or home infusion patients regarding appropriate therapy to optimize outcomes following a bleeding event or surgical procedure.

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